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Hey, my name is Emily. My pronouns are female singular universally translated (i.e. she/her for en_*, sie/ihr for de_DE, etc.). I am pretty weird and pretty gay, to be honest. I am a hobbyist programmer, systems administrator and musician. I like free software and support freedom, online and offline, and privacy.
I have a special place in my heart for retro tech - I hope to get my hands on a VT340 soon. Software minimalism is cozy as hell and I just love spending my day in a cool window manager-only environment compared to using something like Windows or macOS on default settings.


This site is hosted on servers by manitu. It runs on the Apache webserver.
linfan.moe is running the nginx webserver. My gopherhole is powered by deppa. My blog is statically generated by Luke Smith's lb. The source code for this website is available here.

My favourite software are FFmpeg, GNU Emacs and Pandoc, in that order. FFmpeg is my favourite software and I use it everyday.


Other personal things run by me:
My personal gopherhole: gopher://linfan.moe
My blog (currently unmaintained): https://blog.jagudev.net


You can contact me using:

Please be nice enough to preserve the +website part of my email address so that I know how you found me, thanks



54F4 035F 6E14 9C7D 4A00  174C C9FE 3808 3947 2C76

My key is on keys.gnupg.net. You can download it directly here.