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Emily's Projects

I tend to start a lot of projects, so I have a lot of those, but I'll list only my biggest projects here, otherwise this list would be filled with dumb stuff (and be way to long).

chiyoko Linux

chiyoko is (going to be) a small, fast Linux distribution, made truly from scratch. Custom package manager, custom init system, custom window manager, custom cron daemon, custom shell, etc.

Server Software

A list of server software that I wrote. Mostly very simple stuff, but monfetch's really worth taking a look at if you like unixporn and have some servers. Trust me.

Userspace Software

This is the software that your average Joe User can run (also cbsh and badwm, but those are already in the chiyoko section), without the need for a server or a custom Linux distribution.

As I said, that's far from being "it", but I didn't want to clutter this page that much. I'm currently learning building compilers, that kind of stuff, so there might be something related to that here soon.